5 Awareness Raising Fundraisers

5 Awareness Raising Fundraisers

There are some fundraisers that are just so rewarding because they offer something more than just funds. Some of these fundraising ideas are what I call, “Awareness Raising Fundraisers!” These fundraising ideas will raise you funds, as well as awareness for your cause!

And this in turn, will help you raise more funds!

So here are five awareness raising fundraisers that you could use…


A calendar puts your organization’s logo, contact details, and website address up on someone’s wall all year round!

Whether that is someone’s office wall, a staff room, a reception area or a private home, that logo is being broadcasted to the people who bought the calendar, and all their friends, family, colleagues, and customers! Now how is that for spreading awareness!

Organization Calendars are one of my best fundraisers. It is a fundraiser that you can hold yearly that will build and build on its previous year’s success… Just think, all your previous customers and supporters will want to buy your calendar again, and you will of course market and advertise it, which will bring in new customers!

#2.Car Magnets: 

Want your organization to be displayed on the roads all around your city, state and country! Well then a car magnet fundraiser is the perfect fundraising idea for you.

Often the best awareness raising car magnets are the simple ones that display your logo, have a simple slogan like, “We Support (Your Organization’s Name),” and have your website address.

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It is also a great sense of pride for your members and supporters to be able to show off that they support a charitable cause, so you will find that you should be able to sell a good many car magnets! This obviously makes this fundraising idea rather successful.

#3.Organization Cookbooks: 

This fundraiser will not display your organization as visually as the above two, but Cookbooks can be a great way for your organization to spread word of mouth buzz… but it all comes down to how good your recipes are!

If you have great recipes, the people that have bought your cookbook will talk about it and spread the word to others who will in turn either buy the cookbook themselves or become supporters!

#4.Fortune Cookies:

Although this is quite a novel idea, it can still be effective. In each fortune cookie you will have a slip of paper with a fortune, quote, or proverb. Then on the back of the paper you will add a small advert for your cause.

Whether it advertises your new website, an upcoming event, or a raffle competition you are holding, you should always drive the people to your website for more information.

#5.A Golf Day:

This event is one of the better fundraisers you can hold… BUT, it will take a lot of work. In terms of awareness raising it all comes down to how you handle the day.

Your first step will be to try attracting non-supporters to the day. Then the next step will be to make sure that they have the most fantastic day ever. Those two steps combined create a load of new supporters who will be enthusiastic about your cause and will definitely spread the word.

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