No Investment and Low Investment Business Ideas for Experienced Workers

No Investment and Low Investment Business Ideas for Experienced Workers

With the downturn in the economy, large numbers of highly competent workers are finding themselves unemployed or underemployed. Many, especially middle-aged and older adults, are having to accept jobs that pay substantially less than their previous positions. 

These are not slackers, they are hard-working people with deep reservoires of knowledge and years of experience. Some are starting weekend businesses to make up for lost income. Others are become full-time entrepreneurs, betting that they can leverage their skills to make better lives for themselves. If you’re looking for supplimental or alternative sources of income, here are some no investment/low investment business ideas to consider.


If you can get over the disappointment of being layed off by your old firm, consider offering your services back as an independent consultant. You might be surprised at how many companies are open to this sort of arrangement. It’s often a win for your company to have access to your expertise without having to fund a full time position. Your old boss might even provide you with a reference so you can promote your services to others. If your previous employer balks at this notion, don’t take it as a devaluing of your talents. Have confidence in your ability to provide value to other clients. Market yourself to similar companies, even competitors if you are legally able to do so. Be proactive in contacting companies who can utilize persons with your unique skills.


Many older adults do not credit themselves enough for their writing abilities. Writing seems to have become a lost art in our fast-past, electronic communication age. Companies will gladly pay writers who can produce quality press releases and get them published in local newspapers and business journals. Others will pay for original copy for their brochures and newsletters. If you take some time to learn how to produce keyword optimized content for the internet, your services will be doubly marketable. Do some reasearch in your region to determine a competitive pricing structure. Then print up some business cards and pass them out at Chamber of Commerce meetings, business expos, and trade shows.

#On-site Training: 

Do you have a reservoir of sales, management, or team-building experience? Offer onsite training to companies? Promote seminars to small businesses through the Chamber of Commerce or local networking groups. Offer free or reduced tution to persons who agree to host classes at their places of business. Put up a website and start blogging with a view toward distinguishing yourself as an expert. Garner references from former colleagues and clients and post them on your website. Your success wil be dependent on your ability to establish yourself as one who positively impacts results.

There likely are many things that you, as experienced worker, can do to earn extra income. Don’t devalue yourself because you’ve experienced a setback. Get out there and market yourself with confidence. See what opportunties emerge.

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