Online Volunteer And Charities

Online Volunteer And Charities 

There are a lot of American families who have started to engage themselves into Charities and volunteer activities. The internet, with its vast benefits that it offers to its users-from online banking to online shopping-have been tapped by various organizations to solicit help from other people as this medium, the internet, provides people an opportunity to help other people in their most convenient time, without any pressure. They can help whenever they want, wherever they are.

Especially during holiday seasons-the season for giving-more and more people are donating their money and their time for the benefit of other people. Now, while it may be an act of noble character, there are still people who tend to abuse people who help out. If you want to be sure that you will be giving safely-even if you’re simply sending money to save whales or dining in a local homeless shelter-follow these simple steps:

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If you are planning to donate monetary contributions,

#1. You need to research on your chosen charity so that you’ll know where your money will go and how it will be utilized. You can scour the internet for any information about your charity. Read and browse through their site and make sure that they are the organization that you really want to give your money into. Check that the website you are browsing is legitimate and is not a scam. There are bogus sites that contain false information and who only pretend to be charities to extort money from donors. Make sure that the information posted on the page is updated.

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#2. You can also opt to donate at third party organizations that will then send your money to the charity of your choice after deducting a three percent “turn over” fee. What makes donating to third party organizations better? You can donate anonymously and you will never be flooded with solicitations afterwards. Of course, you just have to make sure that the third party organization donates your money in a timely fashion, before some identity theft criminal or hackers do-straight to their pockets.

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#3. Before giving out your personal information, check that the site uses encryption technology that will scramble your data before it is sent from your computer to their database. You have to read their privacy policy so that you will be assured that your information is being protected and it will not be sold or redistributed to other sites and third party vendors.

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#4. Do not respond to email solicitations from alleged charitable institutions. There are a lot of scam artists, identity theft criminals and spammers who will use your email to lure you into sending cash as your donation. These organizations very rarely use spam emails to solicit funds and help from other people. If you feel dubious, check if the charity does exist and whether they did send the email or not. Do not feel too bad if you do realize that they are authentic and they sent the mail. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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