5 Fundraising Ideas For a Golf Fundraiser Day!

5 Fundraising Ideas For a Golf Fundraiser Day!

If run properly, a golf fundraiser day are often a particularly profitable fundraising event. It’s popular, an outsized percent of the population enjoys golfing, and it can have many various fundraising methods incorporated into it!

Here are 5 ways in which you'll use to boost funds at a golf fundraiser day…

#1. Entry Fees – 

This is often the crucial fee which will greatly affect your overall taking from the day. And it works in an unexpected way… By charging an inexpensive fee rather than an upscale one, you'll find yourself having a way more profitable golf day! the rationale being may be a player are going to be more willing to spend extra money at the event if they haven’t had to pay an enormous upfront fee. By charging a smaller fee you'll quite likely find yourself earning extra money throughout the day from an individual! Just remember that if the entry fee is just too expensive you won’t fill your playing field. So rather get people there first then earn the large funds with all the opposite fundraisers during the day!

#2. Hole sponsors –

 You ought to aim for each hole on the course to be sponsored by a corporation or business. Consider other places on the golf links where businesses could advertise on and sponsor… just like the green or maybe the car park! i might suggest you seek local advice on what proportion to invite your sponsorships. The Golf Club hosting your golf day would be an honest place to invite advice. This amount will obviously depend upon where you're from and what sort of people/companies are going to be sponsoring your day.

#3. Mulligans – 

This is often one among the simplest Fundraising Ideas for a Golf fundraiser! this is often how it works… Players buy stickers (Known as Mulligans), which they then use as free shots during their round of golf. Meaning, that if they play a nasty shot, they will call a Mulligan and are allowed to play it again. Everyone will certainly buy the allowed amount of Mulligans as they won’t want their competition having the advantage of an additional free shot that they don’t have. Don’t you only love human competitiveness!!! you ought to generally offer 2-3 Mulligans per person and it might be suggestible to talk to your hosting Golf Club to seek out out a suggestion on what proportion to charge for every Mulligan.

#4. On-course betting – 

this is often another one among the good Golf fundraiser ideas. you'll have a couple of differing types of bets but the simplest one would be the “Landing the green on a par 3″. Here’s the way to do it… Draw three rings round the hole, growing from small to medium to large (All inside the green of course). Then let people back which ring they think they’ll land their ball in off round , obviously with the chances on the bet getting larger the smaller the ring. You’ll find that the majority people get so happy and excited once they do land their ball inside the rings that they only tell you to stay the cash anyway!

#5. Watering Holes – 

Have a few of holes on the course, say the 5th and 14th, which give drinks for your players… Offer free shooters (which you get sponsored), then sell beers and other drinks at an inexpensive price.

The extra point – Please remember, a golf day isn’t almost raising funds; it’s also about further spreading the word of your cause. So if you create sure people enjoy themselves thoroughly, they're going to mention your cause to friends and even be very willing to assist out again…

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