How To Raise Fund For Charity

How To Raise Fund For Charity

How To Rise Fund For Charity? Uncommon ways to fund raise can turn a task that can be difficult and grueling into something that is fun and enjoyable. In this article we’ll explore some five easy-to-implement ideas that have excellent potential.

Sell a limited edition of a book that your organization sponsors. 

A limited edition means that only so many copies will be published. Sponsored means that the back cover of the book relates the book to the goals of your organization. Suppose, for example, that you belong to a Rotary Club,that is trying to promote literacy. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could raise money by saying something like this: 

Easy and Usefull Fundraising Ideas

“This book helps children make friends, fall asleep easily at night and teaches the Golden Rule. It also comes with a CD that read the story in three different languages. We’re so excited about it that we ordered a special limited edition for our organization. There are only 5,000 copies. When you buy this book, you’ll be promoting literacy and helping Rotary to raise money, and you’ll have a collector’s item.” As you make the presentation you point to the beautiful artwork, and show the back cover which describes Rotary and the goals of this fund raising drive.

Note: This idea works for service clubs like Kiwanis, Soroptimists, Elks, and for libraries and schools. It’s not limited to Rotary.

Fundraising Ideas

Create a series of videos with links for people to donate

Many organizations make videos that explain the value of their organization, but they leave out a key factor–a link that goes to a donation page. By taking advantage of certain software programs it’s possible to display a link at the end of a video. 

When viewers are moved by your message, they simply click. If you don’t have the link, they’re likely to forget to contribute.

Partner with a public radio or TV station

Call a local public radio or TV station, and ask them how you might be able to partner with them during their next funding raising drive. The answers will vary from station-to-station, but you might find answers that you don’t expect. If you’re looking for visibility, just having a group of people volunteer and receive public acknowledgment for your efforts may help you to gain new members.

Put widgets on your website

The latest advances in web technology allow you to place a “widget” or “gadget” that belongs to another company on your web site. When people click on the widget, they buy a product from someone else, but you generate revenue. Widgets are a passive way to generate income. If your website gets a lot of traffic, the right widgets can raise substantial funds.

Raise money with Digital Downloads

You say that you’ve gone back to the well too many times, and the people who give to you are tired of digging into the pockets and donating. Ask “burned out donors” to spread the word to others about a digital product instead of asking them for additional contributions. They can do this by sending out an e-mail that talks about a product or service, and asking their friends and family to contribute.

Alan Jordan is the author of hundreds of magazine articles, poetry, six business books, six children’s audio books and The Monster on Top of the Bed, a picture book for children ages 2-7. Drop by to acquaint yourself with Mr. Jordan’s children’s book and CD, The Monster on Top of the Bed. This book can be published in limited sponsored editions from 100 to 1,000 copies, in paperback, hardback and CD formats, and can help you to raise money easily.

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