Gaming Licenses – Accessing the Best Online Casinos Legally in Sweden

Having looked into the opportunities brought about through South Africa online casino sites, we now turn our attention to the legal aspects of playing online within the Swedish market. Here we discuss the Swedish gaming license and all the different types of gambling it covers for Swedes to play legally.

Introducing the legal grounds to play inside online casinos anywhere in the world

online gambling laws

When it comes to Swedish gaming legislation the rules are fairly simple, having taken up the UK approach to gambling. The Swedish government has its own committee called the Swedish Gambling Authority, they adjudicate the laws surrounding the business of gambling and regulates those businesses within the countries industry and those outside of the Swedish borders that wish to supply their services within the country.

Swedish players, therefore, have this luxury of being able to play within Swedish registered online casinos and within online casinos which are registered overseas. This is classed as a luxury as many players from other countries like the USA, Australia and parts of Europe are unable to play within casinos that are online yet registered in their own country. Their only opportunity is to register with a casino that is online but is classed as being ‘overseas’.

What the Swedish gambling law thusly provides, is the opportunity for a player to join any casino with a Swedish license or, if wanting to, join a casino without a Swedish license, just as long as that casino is backed by an official licensing organisation, for example, the Malta Gaming Authority. Plus, any money you do make from playing, whether it is ‘home’ or ‘overseas’, note that there is zero tax on winnings for Swedish players.

Getting an online casino you can trust

Finding an online casino is very easy in today’s market, just type in any associated word into a search engine and your opportunities are listed out before you. Though that is one method, you may still not be fully in safe hands with the outcome. Sites like are an independent site that gives players a comparative choice of places to join online. They provide licensed internet gambling companies that are legally approved and regulated for your safety. Though some are based overseas, they are still backed by having, for example, the Malta gaming license, the UK gambling license and even far afield as the Curacao gaming license. Now despite these being far from the borders of Sweden, players are still permitted to join them if the Swedish gambling lobby has approved the website that holds these various licenses.

A simple rule of thumb would be to see if the casinos online accept the currency of the Swedish Krona and if they have licenses in place from such regulatory bodies as mentioned above.

Experience the greatest gambling opportunities across the world

When it comes to gambling online, it is not a community that is separated and confined into pockets of players from different countries. The web is no island, just a connection of different games and platforms from which to access them. The biggest jackpot game online is Mega Moolah™ by Microgaming. Now, you can play this from any casino online (with a few exceptions) you can access this from a casino registered in Sweden or one in South Africa, now, players playing this game will all be competing for the one same jackpot regardless of the casino it is in or the currency it happens to represent for the player and where they live at the time. This is the same for all games, casinos are merely the platforms to access them from your location and if the casino has the right licenses in place, you are legally allowed to access those games regardless of where you are from, just as long as they are set up to accept your currency of choice.

When you start looking online, our advice would be, to inform players to not take to much notice of the masses of advertising that takes place. Find an independent source and read their reviews to learn more about what the casinos really offer, rather than becoming hooked in on the many free bonuses which are out there.